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Gorman outclassed, outcoached…

Since the Gorman suckups at the Sun can’t stomach the truth, I will just put this up elsewhere.

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All I can say is, “what goes around, comes around”. BG is a team that has no manners and treats their guests with disrespect when I watched the Good Counsel game from home, those BG players are dirty players and their coaches have no care for the safety of others. Way to go NJ!!

Marsh, it’s good to see others recognize Gorman for what they are. And karma does have a way of coming around, last night for example, one of the Gorman lineman can be seen clearly kicking a BC kid when he was down (for those who recorded, it was somewhere around the final 6 minutes).

Have to give Gorman credit, they’re starting to play a national schedule. They’re not there yet (i.e. OUT of the NIAA since they don’t abide by the rules everyone else adheres to) however playing some of these other schools is the first step at getting these statewide recruiters out of the public school system.

Last night’s observations. Warning, I’m about to thrash a kid or two, perhaps even a coach, so this might anger cupcake, so the impending reply will probably follow in the near future.

1) Sanchez completely out coached. Was great to see. The guy does way too much chest-beating and is too arrogant and inexperienced to develop an expanded gameplan. (Darwin Rost is another great example of a coach who just can’t deviate from the pattern).

2) The little Gorman kicker needs to learn how to kick an offsides kick. I’ve seen 10 year olds who can do it better. Hell I’ve seen 7 year olds who can. You’d think after the first failed attempt someone on that ugly orange sideline would have taken a moment and shown the kid.

3) Partially touching on item #1 again, Gorman needs to learn how to run a screen play. BC smoked Gorman on several occasions on some well-runscreens. Get some of those overweight lineman some speed training and perhaps Jarrett (or Anu, like what the heck is this kids name anyways? It changes daily) won’t be running for his life.

4) The Gorman crowd was heard singing their cute little school song late in the game, down by 21. Cute, yet clueless. That’s about the only noise heard from the student section. Everyone else there just goes because it’s trendy. They’re probably still more exciting to watch than UNLV (but then again so his Bonanza).

5) The Gorman RB is a monster. Kudos.

6) The older two Fertitta kids just aren’t solid football players. I’m guessing there’s a sideline full of kids with far superior talent. It is a crying shame they’re being carried by the rest of the talent on the field. I guess when the field is named “Fertitta Field”, you’re gonna get ample playtime no matter how you play the game. Welcome to “Daddy Ball”!

7) Dana White – what a classy representative of Bishop Gorman.

8) The BC quarterback completely showed up Jarrett (or “Anu”). 4th and long from midfield? The kid rockets a pass for a first down.

9) Once again going back to #1, when all else fails, just start playing Tecmo Bowl and chunk the ball deep over, and over, and over again. Good playcalling, Tony. Then, when your heavily pressured quarterback overthrows a couple, get real pissed and put in the Cunningham kid. Way to build Anu’s/Jarrett’s confidence.

Great game. Always great to see BG lose at home. They’re a decent team but not a top 50. Now go play Servite and then come back and start the beatdown of local schools that can’t recruit or build 10 trillion dollar training facilities.